My 360 Photography Experience So Far

If you’re anything like me, the suggestion of a 360 camera it’s one that would absolutely blow your mind. Or at least Boggle it. I know it did to mine. However, I really trusted the person that was saying that I should buy one of these devices, and eventually he just bought me one, and said that if I loved it as much as he thought I would, but I should buy him a gift of equal value in the future. So, he was doing it a little bit selfishly, but not really, and more it was just someone caring about me so much that he thought that I needed to take this step and was willing to finance it. Considering how positive it has been for me so far, and my growth is a Content producer, I will have no issue buying him a reciprocal gift even though he is told me that he doesn’t expect it. I just appreciate this so much that I would feel bad if I did not use it for him.

Anyway, I started using this 360 camera, and it is blowing my mind. I had no idea that this technology would ever be so easy to use and create with, but also be so affordable, and it seems as if it is about to make a huge Splash and become the new standard for Content. Think about it, I think next Generations are going to want all of their photos to respond to them, or at least to move. Without the ability to do anything other than look at a two-dimensional image, I think that these new generations are going to grow very bored. So, I’m going to find out how to implement this in the most productive way, and maybe even start filling my posts on this blog with images caught on my spiffy new camera. I’m so grateful to have friends who care about me and know me better than I know myself. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot with her stubbornness, when we should really be open to what the people we trust are trying to guide us to Ward. Isn’t that a lesson that takes a whole lifetime to fully learned? It’s these things that help me learn it a little bit deeper.

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