How I Found My Favorite App

A month ago I was not able to attend school because of a flu. For over a week, I had to rest in bed and take on medicines so my flu will die down. I went to the doctor already and he said it was due to over fatigue. I have been working on my thesis for over two weeks prior to my sickness.
To be honest, I do not have enough sleep for two straight weeks. I only had about four hours of sleep everyday and I was skipping lunch and dinner. I filled my stomach with brewed coffee and doughnuts and had to skip my yoga and boxing cases too. I know I neglected my body but thesis was really dragging me down. I had to finish it before the end of the semester.
Anyway, I felt sick on a Monday, of all days, and I had to call my professor. He said I can let my friend pass my thesis for me because I really cant go to school. My mother was so worried about me thay sje calls me every now and then. I was just scrolling my phone when I thought of installing new apps for my phone. I was really bored that time and I need something to kill time while I was nursing my flu.
I saw this app which I immediately installed. It’s actually nice to play when you just like to kills time. That’s what I actually did and time passed by. For almost two hours I just played with it, that I forgot to answer some of the texts of my mother in my other phone. I was deeply engrossed with it. It let me think critically while I enjoyed every challenging levels.
Probably the app, which can be found easily when you open the Google Play store, is under an app store optimization strategy where users can easily find it, thus they tend to download it immediately. For sure, after my thesis subject and I go back to my healthy self, I will definitely be spending my time more in front of the tablet or phone because of this cool app.

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