Stock Photographs 101

So, I love lifestyle blogging so much that I decided to start my own blood to do it. Even though I love riding, I still have to admit that my favorite thing to do is to read lifestyle blogs, and I’m kind of only doing this to make my voice heard and also to give other lifestyle bloggers and enthusiasts something to read. I appreciate being able to do things like this and almost every part of the journey has been a true blessing so far. However, I’ve also realized that one of the best things that I can do for other people who blog and who are interested in blogging is share the wisdom that I find from the experiences that I undergo as a blogger.

Sometimes, I’ll even proactively sneak out solutions that I notice other bloggers are having problems with. I think that this is a really beautiful way to make my presence felt in the community, and I am looking forward to doing it. The first thing that I did, is I noticed that a lot of bloggers were complaining about stock photography. If you don’t have your own unique image, stock photographs are essential for making your post scene when it’s shared, and it’s important for setting the tone of the piece. But what the bloggers were complaining about is that the stock photography sites are not very good. The stock photography is bad, as in the photographs don’t have anything to offer, and they’re too generalized and a little bit too boring.

So, I invested my time and energy into researching some better sites for finding stock photographs, or alternative Solutions. The best thing that I found was a site called EyeEm. EyeEm is a beautiful sight that is so well designed, and it has an amazing selection of stock photos to choose from. I was absolutely Amazed by it and I think that everybody else will be too. Right now, it’s not quite as popular as some of the other ones, but it is actually much more Innovative and simple. They must have a quality tester something. Because all of the photos are really fantastic.

If you’ve been having an issue with stock photography, and you can’t find the images that you’re looking forward to suit your post, the Stock Photos on EyeEm will certainly help you.

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